Networking Like a BOSS

I don’t have a business card. I know business cards are like a compulsory networking item. Yet every time I make a solemn vow to get them printed, something goes terribly wrong.

For example:

1. I procrastinate. I do the dishes, I play with my hair, I lie on the floor, I have a nap, I instagram random stuff like this:

2. I argue with the Kwik Kopy girl about this design:

-Kopy girl: “You want a double sided card? That’ll be about $220 for 100 copies.”

-Me: “It’s alright, just print them for me right now and then I’ll cut them out and glue them together myself. I’m going Lean.”

-Kopy girl: “….Weirdo….”

-Me: “…..What?”

3. I file a complaint on an Office Works girl:

-Me to Office Works girl: “I’ve been in here twice today, I bought the right memory stick and changed the file format like you asked me to do and NOW YOU TELL ME YOU DON’T PRINT BUSINESS CARDS??”

-Me filing a complaint: “She moves like a SLOTH, has no idea as to what she is and isn’t trained to do and she tried to hide behind the printer when I confronted her.”

So there you have it. I’ve given up. I’ve developed a parasitic way of networking. I just hoard people’s business cards and the poor dears get my details through manual labour. So this all may seem a bit stupid, but actually this type of laziness did spark a trend of startups for paperless business cards. I’m not sure if this trend is still going but I’m down with it.

There are a few apps for online business cards and virtual networking, so obviously there are others who are ready to move on from the cave man custom of swapping little pieces of paper.

Have a look:

1. Cardcloud

You can sync the app with Linkedin to create a business card based on your profile info and send it to someone’s email address by typing it in. OR if someone else is using the same app you can beam your details to them wifi style, but only if the app can detect them.

2. Cardflick

Works in a similar way


Is an interesting one: It’s an event based app that allows people to RSVP to events and see who else is attending the same event. People can share their information with each other, eliminating the need for exchanging business cards.

Have a look at the demo.

4. Identyme

A one stop shop for your profile, resume, business card, portfolio and social networks. Not quite a virtual business card, but it’s on the right track.

Here’s a demo.

I’ve actually installed most of these on my phone…but then I realised I was too lazy to bother with them too. However, I’ve come up with the perfect solution for paperless networking.

High fiving.

Seriously. Imagine if you could get any person’s details by high fiving them? High five networking. How awesome is that?  It would make every event so much fun, especially after a few drinks. Drunken high fiving crowds. Sure your hand could get a little sore but that’s a small price to pay for paperless networking, I say.



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5 responses to “Networking Like a BOSS

  1. Great resources Irina – I’m a fan of the virtual resume and business card. However still find the need for a paper card a lot of places I go. Try moo cards or vista print for a cheaper online option. Good luck!

  2. I’ve used vista print many times for business cards – they’re economical and have a very fast turnaround.

  3. rebeccapaget

    Love it. 🙂 High-five, Irina. Did you see business card? All you need is small pieces of paper and a ‘choose your own message’ stamp. Now that’s lean!

  4. rebeccapaget

    Love it 🙂 High-five, Irina. Did you see business card? All you need is some small scraps of paper and a customizable text stamp. Now that’s lean (“…..What?”)

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