Pioneering Philanthropy in The Tea Room

Young Professionals Network- Pioneering Philanthropy 

I should really stop being on time for events. Being punctual in the event world is the same as showing up unfashionably early. No one is in their seat, the guest speakers are lost somewhere in the crowd and I end up getting slightly drunk at the bar to pass the time. Of course it helps when the venue is The Tea Room at the QVB and the event is part of the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA), which was the case this time.

This was the first official event organised by UNAA Young Professionals Network – a very fresh initiative which launched late last year. Titled ‘Pioneering Philanthropy’ the event featured four guest speakers from the non profit sector who spoke about the way they had brought about change through their organisations.

The speakers (right to left) were:

Sam Prince- founder of healthy mexican food chain Zambrero  and non profit organisation One Disease at a Time.

Robert Purves – President of World Wildlife Fund Australia and Chairman of Sustainable Business Australia (amongst many other things).

Rachel McLennan- co founder of Private Ancillary Fund Service for Social Ventures Australia and the CEO of Australian Philanthropic Services.

Mike Pritchett- director of Trapdoor Productions and co-founder of Kenya Aid, a non profit organisation established to support the Shikunga area in Kenya.

Philanthropic Insights

phi·lan·thro·py/fəˈlanTHrəpē/ Noun: The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed esp. by the generous donation of money to good causes. A philanthropic institution; a charity…in case you didn’t know 😉

Each speaker had their own distinct way of looking at things. They spoke about how they got to where they are and what inspired them to create something on their own. Many awesome things were said. Most of them won’t be in here due to the fact that I forgot to record the whole thing. I did however manage to get some insights down thanks to the ancient art of pen and paper.

Sam (on what it means to be an entrepreneur): It’s about seeing a gap in the market, closing your eyes, having the vision and backing yourself to do it.

Rachel (on different forms of philanthropy and change making): A better description of how people can get involved is Time (active involvement), Talent (skills) and Treasure (donations).

Mike (on philanthropy): I don’t smoke a cigar or drive a limo so I don’t think the word ‘philanthropist’ applies.  

Rob (on different forms of philanthropy and change making): People are no longer satisfied with simply sending a cheque to a non profit organisation, they want to be more actively involved by offering their skills and talent.

The Wrap Up

The event organisers

It’s always great to hear inspiring people speak about their experiences and this time was no exception. Judging by the high caliber of the speakers, this is the beginning of a good year for the Young Professionals Network.

I’m curious to see whether the next event will focus on a more specific angle or topic. It may be just my journalism degree speaking but I love it when an event has a specific focus. I find this tends to bring together more like minded people with the same goals and aspirations, which leads to awesome networking opportunities and business opportunity “match making”.

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